Timber Frame Construction

Timber Frame Construction Machinery

Automated solutions for timber frame construction

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Timber Frame Construction Walls


A complete working station for the production of timber frame construction walls

Automated timber frame construction machinery


A fully automatic multifunction bridge for nailing, stapling and routing sheet materials in accordance with the design specifications

Timber frame construction butterfly table


Simple turnover device for timber frame panels to enable the fitting of insulation, or the nailing on both faces of a panel

timber frame construction and manufacturing of walls and panels


A high quality heavy duty automatic squaring and nailing station for timber frame construction and manufacturing of walls and panels

Prefabricated timber frame construction


A squaring station for the application of cladding material to a pre-assembled timber frame

Timber frame flooring


Automatic or manual jigging systems with open access between the units to allow operators to easily insert the floor joists

timber frame construction table

Modular Framing Tables

A self assembly heavy duty modular timber frame construction table suitable for manual framing and boarding of panels

timber frame construction industry

X-Vertical Stillage

A versatile range of vertical working and storage stillages for the timber frame construction industry