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In order to gain maximum production advantage from the investment in equipment it is necessary to get the data from the design office to the machine in as quick and simple a process as possible. MBA offer a range of software solutions, the choice of which depends on the level of complexity of the production installation.


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Complete Factory Solutions

We offer a completely customised solution, with one piece of software that is configured to;

- Accept the design input using industry standard outputs such as IFC files or BLT-X outputs

- Process the data and produce customised outputs for each production machine in the line

- Software is rented with the charges based on usage, avoiding large capital outlays for what is bespoke software 

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Machine Solutions - Design2Frame

As an alternative, we also offer a stand-alone package, design2frame, that is office based to allow individual machines or small lines to be fed panel assembly information. This programme is installed with the machine and whilst upgrades and support are available if required, if the requirements don’t change ongoing support may not be needed.


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In addition to frame manufacturing processes, we offer a similar package Design2saw to import, optimise and process the timber components for saws that are used to produce the components for the timber frame assembly.

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MBA offers comprehensive support during installation and the ramp up phases.  The key to this is planning before the equipment is installed with sample files tested to ensure that any design issues are dealt with long before the machines are switched on. 

After installation, our equipment, allow of which allows for remote access is supported by our team of experienced hardware and software support technicians based in the UK and NL. 

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