X-Tilt Butterfly Table 2023


Safe and Quick Flipping of Timber Frame Panels

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About this Product

A pair of hydraulically operated tables (also known as a butterfly table) enables the panels to be brought to the vertical position, passed to the 2nd table, and safely lowered back down on the opposite side for fitting of insulation and closing of the panel.

There is an option to have pneumatically operated pop-up idle roller tracks fitted in the table, for easy loading and unloading of the panels.

The hydraulic lifting of the tables is controlled by push button operation, with fail-safe locking, cylinders 3,5kw motor 6m standard length (optional 12m) 4m maximum panel height.

A range of options to allow the tables to also be used as assembly benches for walls and floors and to integrate into a line.

Simple turnover device for timber frame panels to enable the fitting of insulation, or the nailing on both faces of a panel.

  • Both Tables - up to 6m (1.0m tonne capacity)
  • Both Tables - up to 9m (2.0m tonne capacity)
  • Both Tables - up to 12m panel length (3.0m tonne capacity)
  • Rollers for rolling elements in and out of the tables. Price per 6m table
  • Pneumatic locking of infeed rollers (price per 6m)
  • Pneumatic side clamping bars & pins – price per row (5 sets recommended for a 6m table, 8 for a 9m table, 11 for a 12m table.
  • Reduction for 1st table only (Panel rotated by overhead crane and lowered back down onto the same table (per 6m)
  • A Frame 6m x 2m for working on panels in a vertical position - complete with rollers
  • Handwheel adjustment of width via rack and pinion guide to extending the table up to 3.8m - per table
  • Electrical adjustment of width via rack and pinion with a 1250mm stroke – also can be used for squaring the panel (6m), with a stepless motor
  • Additional cost for electrical squaring per 3m extra
  • Manual sideways movement of 2nd table (plus a price per meter below)
  • Price per meter of sideways movement
  • Extra for the motorisation of sideways movement
  • Floor cassette assembly kit - including 4 lateral slots with holes at 300, 400 and 600mm, together with alignment bars, and a second set of clamping bars - adjustable for different thicknesses of stud - price per 6m table, completely retractable when not in use.
  • Floor cassette option 9m table
  • Floor cassette option 12m table
  • Pop rollers for taking the panel off sideways - price per row (3 rows necessary for a 6m table, 5 rows for a 9m table, and 6 rows for a 12m table)

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