About this Product

  • A number of floor-mounted units spaced +/- 1m apart with adjustable clamps that are lockable in place. Each clamping unit can be located using the scale fitted to each unit. Each unit is also adjustable for the width of the joists.
  • Special bars on the first unit ensure that the rim beam/end plate is square against the joists.
  • Complete with a number of special bridging supports to enable these to be fitted accurately.

A jigging system with open access between the units allows operators to easily insert the floor joists.

Frames can either be decked on the unit or transferred to a bridge for subsequent finishing.

The unit can be configured in either a base specification or with a number of options to ease the method of working and increase throughput.

  • 6m x 1.5m capacity (clamps = 20, units = 5)
  • 8m x 1.5m capacity (clamps = 28, units = 6)
  • 10m x 1.5m capacity (clamps = 36, units = 9)
  • 12m x 1.5m capacity (clamps = 40, units = 10)
  • 6m x 3.0m capacity (clamps = 25, units = 5)
  • 8m x 3.0m capacity (clamps = 35, units = 6)
  • 10m x 3.0m capacity (clamps = 45, units = 9)
  • 12m x 3.0m capacity (clamps = 50, units = 10)