Square 1

About this Product

  • Heavy Duty tables with one fixed and one moveable side for the squaring of a pre-manufactured panel for the application of OSB board or Plywood.
  • The range of opening is configured when installed with a 1500m movement
  • Minimum opening 1500mm
  • Maximum opening 3000mm (optionally 3500mm)
  • Working height 825mm
  • Width adjustment motorised with locking system.
  • 85mm high bar for panel clamping along the full length of the station.
  • Automatic panel squaring and clamping including 3-way clamping
  • Swing gates for easy access through the line.
  • 6m capacity table.

A squaring station for the application of cladding material to a pre-assembled frame.

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  • Extra price per meter up to 13m