About this Product

  • 3m x 1m Modular tables suitable for timber frame construction up to 6m x 2.8m
  • PLY top with a channel for fitting (optional) pop-up rollers
Complete with:
  • 1 fixed infill for spacing the table to 2.8m capacity
  • 1 sliding infill for supporting subcomponents inside the panel.
  • 9m of fixed fence (6m length x 3m width)
  • 2 pneumatic connections for nail guns
  • Working Height 700 - 850mm

A self-assembly heavy-duty modular timber frame table suitable for framing and boarding of panels.

The modular 3m x 1m tables can be assembled in various configurations, to suit either wall panels or floor cassettes.

  • Additional modular table (3m x 1m)
  • Additional fixed infill
  • Additional movable infill
  • Extra per 6m infill channel
  • Pneumatic connection for nailguns (each)
  • An additional meter of fixed fence
  • Fitted pop-up rollers per 3m table