Steel Frame Assembly Station

Steel Frame Assembly Station

A high quality heavy duty manual squaring station for steel frame panelwall manufacturing. The panel is held square and secure during the assembly and nailing of the studs and components. The operator is able to manually position the components for the panel at a safe and comfortable working position in the centre of the panel, enabling the machine to be used with a single operator.


  • Heavy duty tables with one fixed side and one moving side with movement controlled by electric motor and rack and pinion
  • 90 degree squaring corner blocks with pneumatic retraction to enable panel to move to next position when finished.
  • 1500mm minimum panel height.
  • The panel height is variable with a 1500mm opening range. ( eg 2000mm to 3500mm )
  • 6000mm max working length .
  • 400mm wide heavy duty work tables.
  • 825mm working height.
  • 140mm max panel thickness.
  • Motorised table opening with automatic brake locking.
  • Side clamping of rails with individual toggle switch to release for nailing as required.
  • Pneumatic lifting rollers to assist the manually transporting of the finished panel to next position.

Optional Equipment

  • Additional meter of table (up to 10m) - price per meter
  • Adjustable stops for locating of studs at predetermined centres - price for 6m
  • Additional price for stops - price per meter above 6m
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