Screwing Bridge

Steel Frame Automatic Nailing Bridge

A fully automatic nailing station for nailing or stapling sheet materials in accordance with the design specifications including the following functions:

  1. Nailing or stapling of sheeting
  2. Routing of openings or overhangs
  3. Application of breather membrane
  4. Nailing or stapling of battens


  • Full PC control with 17” touch screen Interactive display of operation being performed
  • Automatic download from drawing software.
  • Heavy duty tables with one fixed side and one moving side
  • 90 degree squaring corner blocks with pneumatic retraction to enable panel to move to next position when finished
  • 1300mm minimum panel height
  • Maximum panel height up to 3.5m (optionally extendable) Maximum panel length 6m – optionally up to 13m
  • 400mm wide heavy duty work tables 825mm working height
  • 300mm maximum panel thickness (optionally 5000mm) Motorised table opening with automatic brake locking
  • Bridge mounted with one nailing / stapling tool mounting as standard. (Options for 2 or 3 nailing tool mounts) Full integration with major software packages including Sema, Dietrich;s, HsbSoft, CADWORKS, Gang Nail & Mitek.
  • Batten application system with guide to ensure they battens are kept straight before nailing including batten storage area
  • Pneumatic lifting rollers to assist the manually transporting of the finished panel to next position.
  • Optional electrically driven sheet feeding system, including automatic sheet feeding and height indexing of the support table.
  • Optional router unit with 4kw motor - servo drive controlled

Optional Equipment

  • Table with rails mounted for bridge
  • Additional price per meter for table with rails mounted
  • Independent rails to travel 8m over one 6m capacity table (16m of rail in total) Additional price per meter of rail
  • Working table for holding panel 6m (no rails mounted) Additional price per meter for table
  • Motorised chains rather than manual rollers - initial cost Price per meter for motorisation
  • Baton positioning guiding arrangement Additional tool mount
  • Paper roll clamp, holder and software Electric paper cutting
  • Panel thickness of 500mm
  • Saw blade in X, Y, Z & C axes 350mm max panel thickness Saw blade in X, Y, Z & C axis 500mm max panel thickness.
  • Inclination of the sawblade to one fixed angle
  • Router complete with frequency inverter, mounted on the bridge for routing out openings in the panels.
  • Complete with software controls and dust extraction.
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