Automatic Framing

Automatic Timber Frame Construction Assembly Station

A high quality heavy duty automatic squaring and nailing station for timber frame panel wall manufacturing. The panel is held square and secure during the assembly and nailing of the studs and components. The operator is able to manually position the components for the panel at a safe and comfortable working position in the centre of the panel, enabling the machine to be used with a single operator.

The position of the studs and sub components are determined by the automatic positioning of the locating arms, the panel being assembled in a step by step process. The positioning of the nail guns, the number of nails to be fired in each stud and the locating arms are all controlled by the on board CNC control unit.

All the necessary processing information for the machine is taken from the drawing software via our interface. This interface can be used to schedule the required panel manufacturing sequence by the production controller, eliminating any operator input. The panel drawing is constantly displayed on the screen whilst the assembly of the panel is taking place, with the relevant component highlighted. Full control of the drawing, including zoom and pan functions available

The operator can manually override the automatic sequence at any time to enable single sided nailing of twisted timber and can open and close the tables to insert difficult sub frames and then return to the automatic sequence.


  • Full PC control with 17” touch screen Interactive display of framing for panel assembly Automatic download from drawing software
  • Heavy duty tables with one fixed side and one moving side
  • 90 degree squaring corner blocks with pneumatic retraction to enable panel to move to next position when finished
  • 1300mm minimum panel height Maximum panel height 5m
  • Maximum panel length 6m – optionally up to 13m 400mm wide heavy duty work tables
  • 825mm working height
  • 300mm maximum panel thickness
  • Motorised table opening with automatic brake locking Independent pneumatic retractable clamping system, for the complete access of nail guns along top and bottom rails to enable square and accurate clamping of the panel
  • Framing tools driven to the required position via a servo drive motor, with heights controlled by software
  • Full integration with major software packages including Sema, Dietrich's, HsbSoft, CADWORKS, Tekla Structures, Gang Nail, DDS & Mitek.
  • Pneumatic lifting rollers to assist the manually transporting of the finished panel to next position.
  • Optional Equipment

    • Additional meter capacity (price per meter)
    • Stud carriage (cannot be combined with the sheet feeder)
    • Laser for aligning studs
    • Twin saws for multiwalling

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