Investment in solving the global housing shortage: collaboration between 2 renowned machine builders

Under the leadership of shareholder Anders Invest, Bos Machines International announce today their takeover of H&M Woodworking Machines. With this acquisition, the two Dutch market leaders in the carpentry and timber frame construction industry are joining forces. Sharing expertise will enable both companies to strengthen, grow and provide even better customer care. Bos Machines will broaden its market focus and can further shape its international ambitions. For H&M Woodworking Machines, the acquisition means more investment opportunities to further expand its position in the transition to Offsite Construction. The companies, which now fall under Bos Machines International, will continue to operate independently in the timber frame construction and frame industries.

There is a global trend towards sustainable, industrial housing construction to alleviate the growing housing shortage. In this rapidly growing market, H&M Woodworking Machines has acquired a leading position and a rapidly growing order portfolio internationally. The projects for automated timber frame construction machines are becoming increasingly large and complex. The acquisition by Bos Machines International enables H&M Woodworking Machines to strengthen and expand its leading position and invest in research and development. Bos Machines develops and builds a wide range of CNC processing machines under the brand name BMH, mainly for the wooden frame industry.

Bos Machines and H&M Woodworking Machines are similar sized businesses and both have over 35 years of experience in woodworking machinery. The employees will continue to work from their current locations in Sneek and Vianen. The H&M dealerships of SCM and Eder & Müller Netherlands, among others, will remain in place. Likewise, Bos Machines will continue to manage the dealerships that they currently operate. Modular Building Automation, the international joint venture between J.J. Smith & Co (Woodworking Machinery) Ltd and H&M will be strengthened with further growth plans around the world in the coming years.

This strategic development offers a valuable for H&M Woodworking Machines and Bos Machines to improve even further their positions as industrial leaders in innovative machinery.  Customers of both companies can look forward to a positive future with a strong pipeline of knowledge, expertise and market-leading technology.

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