Stromab CT600

Fully Automatic Angle Crosscut Saw

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About this Product

CT600 Saw Unit

Coupling the main saw body features of +/- 0.2 degree accuracy, 7.5kW saw motor and 4 independent electro pneumatic clamps, the 600mm diameter saw blade is well equipped, even when cutting at very acute angles.

Thanks to an innovative saw blade positioning system, a variable geometry cutting capability is available as standard on all models. This allows a cutting circle of either 200mm x 370mm or 160mm x 410mm.

Infeed System

Across the entire automatic range, Stromab tables & push feed systems remain constant to keep the quality to the highest level. The CT600 also includes a stock length reading camera which allows standard or random lengths of timber to be used at any point. Using a (servo driven) rack and pinion push feed system, it enables infeed lengths of up to 14m capacity with compromising on speed (max 90m/min) or positioning accuracy (+/- 0.4mm). Stromab's infeed system is the fastest, highest capacity and most accurate on the market in comparison to standard competitor models.


Powered by a state-of-the-art 12" touch screen industrial PC from Beckhoff Germany, TwinCAT automation software, the simple user interface allows 4 types of data input - manual entry, XML, BTL & Excel files. From there, 5 programming & optimisation modes are freely selectable - Board Sequence, Priority, Min. Waste, Max. Length & Pre-Optimise*. Rotatable 3D piece graphics allow user to visually inspect parts before, during and after they are cut.

*Pre Optimise is available with MBA Design2Saw office software package. Design2Saw can be used with several machine manufacturers and pre-optimises cutting lists to provide comprehensive data on yields, waste, stock timber and pre planning production schedules. All cutting list data can be downloaded directly from supported design software packages or enter manually via Excel.

Infeed Capacity up to 14m 

+/- 70° angled cutting

Full office optimisation avaialble