HM-Z3 Automatic Push Fed Crosscut Saw

For Straight & Angle Cutting

A completely automatic 3 axis saw specifically designed for the accurate cutting of trusses / I joists / LVL / CLT and other components. All movements are NC controlled and operate very quickly and accurately. As stardard the machine has CNC controlled cutting height.


The crosscutting saw consists of:
  • Sawing machine with 270° rotation
  • 6000 mm capacity infeed (overall length 8000mm)
  • 4000 mm outfeed table
Sawing machine specifications:
  • 7.5 hp motor
  • 700mm blade
  • 250mm maximum sawing height
  • Maximum noise level 81 dB
Pusher specifications:
  • Positioning accuracy 0.1 mm
  • 65 m/min maximum speed
  • AC motor with toothed rack, controlled by a frequency regulator steel guide with adjustable linear bearings
Computer specifications:
  • Industrial computer with colour monitor 1.2 Gb hard disk and USB & ethernet connections
  • H&M developed software using Windows
  • Touch Screen operation
  • Outfeed monitor to display cut sizes and references
  • The software allows for on site creation and storage of sawing lists. Sawing lists may also be created during work preparation. They can then be loaded into the machine’s computer from USB key or via ethernet connection. Creating sawing lists is very simple. The software’s graphic interface allows the selection of a specific beam model, upon which the relevant measurements are keyed in. The measurements may be entered in various ways, depending on which system is used during work preparation. The 1.2 Gb hard disk used allows for permanent storage of hundreds of sawing lists.
  • An onboard optimisation package is included which allows cutting lists entered or imported to be test optimised against timber lengths to generate an pre-optimised cutting list. This includes one import routine from external design package. An optional external software package, Optimaster is also available, for importing of cutting lists from multiple software packages, such as Excel, BTL DDS, Consultec, HSB, Sema, Vertex, Cadworks & Dietrichs. This package includes stock control, full optimisation and automatic download to any number of saws. Further information on this package is available.
The installation includes on-site instructions.
  • Connection points to be provided by the client:
  • 1 x 220 volts mains socket on an unused, 16 Amp fused group
  • 1 x 400 volts, 32 Amp fused connection point, 3 phase + 0
  • 1 x compressed air connection, minimum 6 Bar
  • 1 x 180mm and 1 x 150m diameter extraction outlets

Optional Equipment

  • Extra meter infeed / outfeed (over standard lengths)
  • One off cost for machines 10m or over infeed capacity
  • Automatic infeed chains 2m wide x (up to) 6m - 5 chains
  • Additional infeed chain
  • Notching head (Horizontal)
  • Vertical notching head 5.5kw motor - Y axis by handwheel
  • Vertical notching head 5.5kw motor - Y axis by CNC
  • Drilling head (Vertical) up to 60mm hole diameter, 200mm stroke (Manual X&Y adjustments - CNC Z axis)
  • CNC 4th axis - cant of blade
  • 3 axis routing station for drilling and routing slots and circles
  • Automatic infeed chains 2m wide x (up to) 6m - 5 chains
  • Additional infeed chain
  • Separating system for infeed chains
  • Outfeed kicker and belt (up to 6m)
  • Defecting camera and associated software
  • Label Printer and associated software
  • In line ink jet printing
  • Stud marking software
  • Optimising software on saw with single import routine
  • Design2Saw offline optimising software (see software price list)
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