Table For Floor Elements


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A jigging system with open access between the units to allow operators to easily insert the floor joists. Frames can either be decked on the unit or transferred to a bridge for subsequent finishing. The unit can be configured in either a base specification or with a number of options to ease the method of working and increase throughput. Specification A number of floor mounted units spaced +/- 1m apart with adjustable clamps that are lockable in place. Each clamping unit can be located using the scale fitted to each unit. Each unit is also adjustable for the width of the joists. Special bars on the first unit ensure that the rim beam / end plate is square against the joists. Complete with a number special bridging supports to enable these to be fitted accurately. 6m x 1.5m capacity (clamps = 20, units = 5) 8m x 1.5m capacity (clamps = 28, units = 6) 10m x 1.5m capacity (clamps = 36, units = 9) 12m x 1.5m capacity (clamps = 40, units = 10) 6m x 3.0m capacity (clamps = 25, units = 5) 8m x 3.0m capacity (clamps = 35, units = 6) 10m x 3.0m capacity (clamps = 45, units = 9) 12m x 3.0m capacity (clamps = 50, units = 10)


ManufacturerModular Building Automation
Capacity6m x 1.5m capacity (clamps = 20, units = 5)

Additional Features

Each unit fitted with drop down bar to allow all clamps to drop down to allow the
completed floor frame to rolled out into a separate station for fixing the boarding.

Automatic rising and falling of clamps in sequence. This operates as follows:
All clamps are lowered.

Operator places the first joist against the fixed stops

First clamp operates on each unit to clamps this unit tight against the fixed stop. At the same time first part of the 2nd row of clamps lifts up.

Operator places in 2nd joist and repeats the cycle.
All clamps adjustable (manually) for height up to 300mm – useful to ensure both flanges of an I beam are clamped
Refer to numbers of clamps required above x unit price shown here to get total price of this option - also requires the next option based on number of units
Additional price per each unit for automatic clamping
Driven roller to assist in driving out the floor cassette to the next station
End beam clamping – 6 off adjustable clamping units to ensure the rim beam / end plate is clamped tight against the 0 reference stops. 3 are fixed at the 0 end and 3 are demountable for fixing to the trailing end of the unit. Total price for 6 off units.