The Complete Assembly Machine For Timber Frame Panel Walls


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A complete working station for the production of timber frame walls including the following functions:
1. Framing of the wall
2. Application of cladding
3. Nailing or stapling of cladding
4. Drilling & Routing of openings and overhangs
5. Application of breather paper
6. Nailing of battens
7. Gluing of sheeting material to frames

- Full PC control with 2 off 19” touch screens Interactive display of framing for panel assembly Automatic download from drawing software
- Heavy duty tables with one fixed side and one moving side
90 degree squaring corner blocks with pneumatic retraction to enable panel to move to next position when finished
1500mm minimum panel height Maximum panel height 6m
- Maximum panel length 20m
- 825mm working height 500mm maximum frame height
- Motorised table opening with automatic brake locking
- Independent retractable clamping system, for the complete access of nail guns along top and bottom rails, to enable square and accurate clamping of the panel
- Framing tools driven to the required position via a servo drive motor, with heights controlled by software
- Bridge mounted with nailing / stapling tool as standard. Options for other tools to be mounted
- Full integration with major software packages including Sema, Dietrich;s, HsbSoft, CADWORKS, Gang Nail, DDS, Mitek.& Inventor
- Batten application system with guide to ensure they battens are kept straight before nailing including batten storage area
- Selection of multiple nail positions in both automatic and manual modes
- Pneumatic lifting rollers to assist the manually transporting of the finished panel to next position.
- Optional stud/sheeting carriage enabling studs to remain adjacent to the operator whilst assembling the frame.

Optional Equipment
- 2nd Fixed Carriage for nailing top rail at the same time as bottom rail
- Additional tool mount and controls on bridge
- Tool support at 30 degree angle – additional cost
- Additional meter capacity (price per meter) - max 13m
- 500mm framing height, (overall panel thickness also 500mm)
- Servo controlled router, with mobile dust collector – 4kw
- Enhanced extraction for Gypsum & cement based boards
- Twin saws for multiwalling
- Option price for baton guide on linked nailing bridge
- Paper roll clamp on bridge (including roll holder
- Laser for aligning studs
- Pneumatic Reel for storage of hand nailing tool
- Options for reverse outfeeding of panel
- Intermediate stud support
- Pneumatic electric paper cutter
- Stud carriage (cannot be combined with sheet feeder)
- Sheet feeder (cannot be combined with stud carriage)